Last memories

  • PC
  • Rich Story

A dark story about a short but tragic journey. Adventure game with a rich storyline and multiple endings.

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Main game character goes on a journey with his daughter. Everything is going well until suddenly the girl disappears. Finding her on a moving train shouldn't be hard, but gradually, everything around becomes increasingly strange...

«Last memories» is a short point&click adventure. The story has 3 endings, one of which can be obtained by completing a short extra scenario after finishing the main storyline. Also the game features a simplified mode that is designed for beginners and players who want to focus more on exploring the story rather than solving puzzles.

In addition to the main gameplay, the game features some extras. Сompleted photo album will reveal the whole story. Achievements will please players who enjoy unlocking them. Also you can play puzzles with a sound environment like crackling fireplace, rain, train or others, combining them according to your mood.

Will be revealed soon...

  • General

    Internet connection is not required.

  • System requirements

    Windows, macOS, Linux

  • Language support

    English, Русский.

  • Content ratings

    – The narrative of the game contains the deaths of characters shown or described indirectly.
    – Some actions in the game may be violent, such as self-harm or suicide.

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