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Dark short story about a girl who went travel with her father. This a point & click adventure that includes a deep plot with several endings.

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That's a dark short story about a girl Ellie who went to travel with her father. New places, sincere children's joy and anticipation of unforgettable days. But sometimes the life is unfairly cruel.

You're taking a role of Ellie's father in this story. Will you be able to save and protect your precious future with a dear person? Or is all that will remain are just the last memories

The story has 3 different endings. Also there're some bonuses in the game, such as achievements and puzzles. The last one can be played regardless of the main game scenario, but the images for the puzzles will unlocked according to the game passing level.

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  • General

    Internet connection is not required.

  • System requirements

    Will be posted later

  • Language support

    English, Русский.

  • Content ratings


    – The narrative of the game contains the deaths of characters shown or described indirectly.
    – Some actions in the game may be violent, such as self-harm or suicide.

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